A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! is a never ending project which started in 2006.

A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! is a 2-person sweater with the goal to photograph as many ‘different kinds of people’ as possible inside itself. These big series of pictures with a weird fun collection of people shows ONE world with different kind of styles, ages, points of view, values, religions and imagination. And what is more personal then to share your sweater, which offers you security and protects and hides your body - and sometimes even your personality -, with somebody else!

A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! is an example to the world. By huddling together with somebody else in the sweater and by taking yourself not too seriously for a moment, touch each-other or even embrace, the world gets enriched and connected by means of an inevitable in common smile. The pictures are the proof that everybody is the same, everybody is connected and everybody can be happy next to each-other. An example for our society full of prejudices, ignorance, racism, distant-ion and terrorism. And misses the personal, sense of perspective, positivism and self-mockery.

But what's the most important about A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD!; it's just fun!

Check out the hundreds and hundreds of pictures at the A Sweater For The World Facebook!

I.c.w. director Willem Gerritsen we created a short movie which is launched on the legendary as part of the FUTURE TENSE project.

On the 2th december 2011 designer Antoine Peters gave a workshop for the ArtEZ Studium Generale 'Friends' event. This workshop was about friendship, team play, getting out of your comfort zone into someone else's and an in common little smile.
What is more important than sharing your favourite sweater?